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Ann Yaconis

"I have been having trouble taking photos of my products for years until... I met Kristina. Taking photos of glass has been a task I dreaded until now! I was introduced to Kristina and Boom, I now understand light and how it can make or break your photos. I’ve used natural light in the past but the inconsistency was troubling. Learning how to make, set up, and use a lightbox has taken my photos from drab and ordinary to something I am proud of. The knowledge I have learned from Kristina has made taking photos fun! I can’t thank her enough for teaching me and supporting me! She is truly a caring and knowledgeable teacher!" 






Merrilee Defoe

"Before taking Kristina Nicole’s course on photography, I was completely ruining the image of my products in the editing process trying to get the white background, So I stopped trying all together! I switched to a background that was easy and didn’t create a lot of shadows and the lighting really didn’t have that much of an effect on, after all I was the only one who knew what color it was supposed to be anyway. All of this changed when I took Kristina Nicole’s course! She taught me how to use artificial light to get clean crisp white backgrounds every time! No more waiting for the perfect conditions for photographing outside, I can take pictures anytime of day or night using artificial light and get that perfect white background with very little editing I might add! Her course has streamlined the photography process for my business so much so that I love photography now! With the knowledge and skills her course gave me I now have the confidence to take my own product photography and slay it! Thank you Kristina!"


Lis Bokt 

"Building the lightbox has given me no excuses. I am able to photograph items as soon as I make them and list them the same day. Most of my work is custom made. I have found that because it is seamless for me to photograph each order after I make it, I can post more regularly to social media. This has allowed me to get significantly higher engagement and expand my customer base.
And because taking photos is SO EASY to do now, I am able to stay more current on my product photos. I am regularly updating some of my products for market trends and now my product images are always matched. This both helps me get new customers and gives better expectations of the product."

Carol & Char Hoey

"Prior to building Kristina Nicole's DIY lightbox, photographing a product was painful and took days. For most of the year, there is very little natural light available once I return from my day job. Prior to having access to this amazing/fool-proof light box designed by Kristina, I had to time my photo times just right on Saturdays and Sundays. Despite using diffusers and having the photo spot right near a window, the light quality would shift constantly from being a bit too bright to too dull. There was no consistency in the photos.
Now, as soon as a product is ready, it can be photographed in our generously sized, fail-proof lightbox. I don't have to wait for the weekend to take product photos. I can take them in the evening or whenever I want to. The photos look amazing. Our photos help re-create the in-person buying experience due to the awesome quality.
Our sales have improved greatly due to our amazing product photos. Thank you Kristina for your easy to follow light box design! I am very grateful for all of your personal help and support that has been transformational for our business. No other coach has ever given us such relevant and personalized help. If you want to sell online you need Kristina's advice and courses to be successful. Great photos lead to fabulous sales."

Anni Christie 

Kristina’s light set up and course is amazing. I went through the process of buying a little lightbox online and I could never get the lighting right. The “white” of my photos were always either blue or yellow still. When I finally found Kristina, I figured I would give her artificial lighting set up to see if it would work and it has changed my WORLD. I went from editing photos ten to twenty minutes each (and still not actually getting a white background) to snapping photos, editing in the one minute it took me to walk to my computer and uploading it. This process has saved me over and over again. When customers have a question and need to see a different angle or if a reporter needs a photo super fast for publication, I can take a perfect photo at any time of day in any weather and send it over immediately."









Kara Vogt

"Before I met Kristina I really struggled with my product photos. I struggled to properly photograph my products on white. It wasn't until I found her that I was able to set up a permanent setup that allowed me to essentially shoot it and forget it. I went from fighting to set up, photograph, and fight with shadows and uneven lighting and then several more hours editing just to get something "good enough" or perhaps "no one will notice."
It was exhausting. I dreaded photo day and would put it off far longer than I should have, thus my listings didn't get done and it seriously cost me money.
Once I learned how to properly light my products and setup my photo area, I can now turn on my lights, set my product, photograph 10 or so photos and upload them within 15 minutes. I rarely have to edit any longer and it is wonderful. I no longer dread photo day but now look forward to it and keep my listings and products up to date.
Thank you, Kristina!"






Sylvia Katvala

"I struggled with taking product photos, as my lighting was always off. With help from Kristina Nicole and her DIY Lightbox, the colors of my products are now true to life. The building instructions for the light-box were easy to follow. I love that Kristina tests out all the products she recommends. I bought so much equipment before I found her course and they just didn't work."